Time of Day [Final Project]

by Manoli Despines



For my final project in CAR 241, I have composed a 5 minute conceptual piece using Logic Pro X called “Time of Day”. The composition is made up of three movements, each representing the three main periods of a 24 hour day: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Each movement is related to each other conceptually, but they are meant to sound sonically and texturally unique. I have rightfully composed music via electronic synthesizers that accompany the tone and mood of the three segments, and I have also incorporated sounds I have recorded myself that environmentally match each segment's thematic elements. The technical goal that was attached to this project was my desire to not only learn more about editing and manipulating synth presets in Logic, but to also grasp a better understanding of the Logic itself. The overall goal of this project was for me to evolve as a better sound artist and musician, as I have had little experience with music making in Logic and with audio/musical manipulation in general.

In my final project, I tried my best to create three distinct sounding segments that best represented the three phases of the 24 hour day. One of the strongest aspects of the piece is the overall mix, due to the fact that neither the environmental sounds nor the synthesizers overpower each other. Similar to the overall mix, another strong aspect of the piece is the choice and blend of synth instruments. Most of the synths represent and distinguish the multiple parts of the day nicely and are mixed well in a way where none are too dramatic. The instrumental synth tracks also were quite akin to my influences for the piece, which is strong in that the compositions were both musical but also not overbearing. Additionally, it was very successful that, even with time constraints, each section had enough room to exist as its own unique persona. One of the weakest aspects of the piece is the subject matter of the environmental sounds, especially in the middle afternoon section. At times, there are simply either not enough sounds or sounds that sound too similar for a long duration of time. If I could improve upon this in the future, I would record sounds that are more dynamically and aesthetically different. Another weak aspect of the piece pertains to the songwriting’s repetitious melodic structures. Throughout each segment there is not much variety in songwriting due to the time constraints of the piece. If I could improve on this, I would spend more time drafting out a better structure for each piece and recording a new set of tracks with more variety accordingly.


released May 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Manoli Despines Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My name is Manoli and I make music. My weaponry: an OP-1, miniKORG-37, Akai MPD32, Ableton Live 9, and a guitar. All donations, purchases, and downloads are very much appreciated. All my social links can be found in the YouTube link below. Enjoy!

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